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Photos taken May 2003 in Corcrain, Portadown and Selsion Bog
Corcrain is a great housing area to live in. It is bordered by a nature reserve, natural wetland, Ballybay River and a disused railway embankment. Selsion moss is a bogland area within walking distance, where local people cut peat in previous centuries as fuel for their cottages. If you are using a 56k modem please allow time for these new pages to load as they are all quality images. They should be worth the wait. If you like what you see, please sign the guestbook

This area in Corcrain estate is known locally as the plantation. These 100 year old trees once lined the lanes and parkland of a mill. The housing was added in the early 1960s. As you can see, it is a well maintained and respected area

Nature Reserve
When the mown grass ends and the Corcrain Wood nature reserve begins, wildflowers begin to proliferate. Thanks to local community groups, the millenium commission, the woodland trust and dedicated individuals the area has been transformed into a wildlife haven. All manner of tiny, colourful creations of nature inhabit this beautiful area, which was once used as a dumping ground by some.

The camera has attempted to isolate this lonely sheaf. In reality it is practically lost in a field of wilderness

Corcrain and Ballybay River
The beautiful Ballybay river meanders on its course from the hills, through farmland and Corcrain, before joining the river Bann in Portadown town centre.

Yellow Flowers
these wildflowers have returned to the Corcrain woodland area, along with a host of other native species. Community awareness and environmentalism has helped to initiate a paradise on our very doorstop.

Barbed Wire
Crossing the Ballybay river from Corcrain leads to the inevitable fences and wire. Unfortunately such measures are a sign of the times and usually very necessary, but effective? Well at least they keep the farm animals away from the crops.

This farmer's field in Spring shows his crop starting to colour the Portadown landscape. It creates a beautiful pattern.

The last post
This broken down fence post shows the signs of age and weathering. It has a tired but determined appearance, and isn't quite ready to retire

On the approach to the bogland of Selsion Moss, the tall reeds soon become apparent, guarding their territory and reflecting the change in underfoot conditions. The diversity of the local landscape is amazing.

Bog path
The slightly raised trail is barely decipherable through the tangled beauty. The bogland is another rich source of biodiversity, with its plethora of wildflowers and teaming insect life.

Bog Cotton
The vista is speckled by snowflakes of bog cotton flourishing amongst the shrubbery

Lying for a generation within the bogs boundary is a skull of a creature that has long since perished. It lies alone and untouched near an isolated swamp.