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Photos taken mostly April
I have long been meaning to experiment with black and white or greyscale images. The following group of pictures were reduced from the original colour images. I kind of liked the effect black and white photos have. It seems to work especially with bleak landscapes and old run down buildings.. All of the pictures on this page link to a bigger picture. Just click on any picture to see the larger image (640 x 480), and hit back on your browser to return to this page. Most of the following areas are within a few miles of each other.

Photo One
Obins Street
An unusual view of Obins Street, from behind the wall which once separated the old Dungannon railway line from the Tunnel district
Photo One
Garvaghy Road
The lower end of Garvaghy Road, or Victoria Terrace as it is also referred to. The derelict houses and the large warehouse are part of the Ulster carpet Mills complex.
Photo One
Old Tunnel
This old railway tunnel allowed passengers to walk under the former Portadown railway station at Watson Street in Edenderry. The station was demolished in the 1970s but some of the brickwork remains. The far end of the tunnel was extended to allow for passage beneath the Northway road.
Photo One
People's Park
The public park in portadown, which can be accessed via the Garvaghy Road or Park Road. Due to the community conflict, and vandalism, the park is probably Portadown's most underused resource. Hopefully that will change as the park is very beautiful, and has hundreds of old trees.
Photo One
A cyclist takes to the refurbished towpath along the Newry canal as a jogger approaches in the distance. There is a hope that the Canal will be restored to its former glory as a navigable waterway in the future.
Photo One
Park Road
A view of Park Road from the public park. This view has probably not changed substantially in the last 100 years, apart from the pipe laying work in the foreground.
Photo One
Rugged terrain
The walk along the canal is very inspirational. Far from the roads and the noise and pollution, people can walk or cycle, with birdsong and the images of nature for accompanyment.
Photo One
A row of electricity pylons and a railway line thread through the countryside reminding us that we are never far from civilisation and the power source that we could no longer live without.
Photo One
Knock Bridge
The revamped bridge commonly known as Knock Bridge, where the country raod crosses bothe Newry Canal and the Sustrans cycle path. A safe railed path under the bridge means travellers no longer have to cross the road above.
Photo One
Tandragee station
The former railway halt at Tandragee has long stopped serving any purpose. All that remain are parts of the platform, a derelict toilet and a pile of rusting railway junk. The speeding engines now pass straight through on the route between Portadown and Dublin through the modern bridge in the distance.
Photo One
Tullylish Old Church
The remains of the old Church at Tullylish near Gilford stand atop a large hill. A quaint little cemetary rests beneath its shadow, as birds nest in its heights. The modern Church is a stone's throw across the nearby road.
Photo One
Another ancient cemetary at the village of Seapatrick near Banbridge. This area has an abundance of old religious buildings, antiquities and graveyards from past times.